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Consult a pharmacist if you have a previous history of low or high  blood pressure or heart conditions . Patients with a history of high blood pressure or prostate problems  may be advised to take a lower than average dose of this drug. Those men  wiwho have history of the following medical conditions are advised to consult a doctor before taking this drug, because complications may arise: diseases of the kidneys or liver , coronary artery disease, heart disease, blood cell disorder, retina infection, hypertension,hypotension, a heart attack or a stroke o within the last 6 months, deformity of the penis, RP (retinitis pigmentosa),stomach ulcers. This drug is not safe for males under the age of 18 and women .

Viagra online Australia dosage and way of application

The doses of the medicine
Viagra brand is produced in the standard doses of 25, 50 and 100 mg pills containing the main component Sildenafil. Generic versions of Viagra online usually contain the same regular doses.
The manufacturers of the medicines containing Sildenafil warn the users about overdosage and recommend taking only doses not higher than 100
With the proper dose adjustment a doctor can help. After careful health examining he can recommend to treat impotence with 25, 50 or 100 mg pills of Viagra. The dose depends on the age of a patient, his general health and other factors.
Doses higher than 100 mg may be dangerous for health and can produce serious side effects.

General dosing recommendations

taking viMen who start generic Viagra are recommended using 50 mg tablet. This dose is enough to push blood to the penis and make it rigid and erect. This dose is suitable for most men with the exception of those who need lower dose of the medicine.
The lower dose of Viagra is 25 mg. It is used in men who experience mild form of ED and those who have other health problems (liver problem, kidney function impairment, heart disorder and others). Men who are older than 60 years of age are generally recommended to use 25 mg of Viagra. This dose will be more correct for their metabolism rate and increased sensitivity to the medicine.
Higher dose of Viagra – 100 mg tablet is usually used when lower doses are not sufficient enough. This dose is right for men with severe ED. Still this dose is max per use and should not be exceeded.

Viagra way of application

Viagra is very easy to apply. A man should take it with water 30-45 minutes before sex. The food can delay the effect up to 2 hours. So being hungry is better for Viagra online.
After waiting for 30-45 minutes, a man should get sexual stimulation. It is necessary for the medicine to be activated in the body. Sexual desire will naturally help to get tuned to intimacy and trigger the process of erections.
Viagra remains in blood for up to 4 hours. During this period a man can obtain hard and long-lasting erections. A man can have multiple erections if he needs as his refractory period is reduced with Viagra.multiple erections

Measures of safe use
One should remember about special measures of safe use while taking this medicine. They include:
Using the right dose recommended by a doctor.
Taking the medicine only when needed.
Using the single dose only once in 24 hours.
Never mixing Viagra with nitrates.
Never mixing Viagra online with medicines interacting with Sildenafil.
Never using Viagra with other oral ED medicines.
Never using Viagra if your heart cannot endure the sexual activity.
Remember that Viagra is not a protection from an accidental pregnancy. It does not protect from sexual transmitted diseases including AIDs. It is not a sexual stimulator or desire improver.

Generic Viagra online – most recommended pill for ED

ED causes many troubles to men who face this problem. It deprives men from normal sexual life and makes them suffer from their inability severely. All they wish is having strong erections like they used to have before.viagra
Serious consequences of ED including stress, tension, depression and fears make a life of a man incomplete and unsatisfactory. Erectile Dysfunction cannot be completely cured, it is a lifelong condition from which men greatly suffer.
For such men Generic Viagra offers a helping hand and provides the most effective treatment with respect to safety.
Generic Viagra is the leader on the market of ED oral pills. This medication is trusted by men because it contains Sildenafil Citrate as an active component. It is superior to other well-known oral ED medicines due to its high effectiveness. Practically all men benefit from the use of Sildenafil.
In addition this medicine is available in convenient dosages all working effectively and safely: 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Doctors do not recommend to use more than 100 mg of Viagra as it increases the chance of unpleasant side effects of the drug. The 100mg pill is a potent method of ED treatment. If your doctor advises to start with the lower dose, do not take more Viagra pills. Always consult your doctor.
This time of work of Sildenafil is individual. Generally it stays in the body for up to 4 hour, the time necessary for normal sexual activities.
Doctors recommend using Generic Viagra as needed one pill in 24 hours.

Buy generic Viagra online

Brand Viagra online medication is extremely expensive for an ordinary man who wants to use it regularly. Besides, for buying from local pharmacies you need a doctor’s prescription as well as great courage to endure curious stares of other buyers.

Viagra has become the best way out of the situation as it is affordable and can be ordered per Internet. It is a so-called generic copy of the brand medication, cost-effective, but having the same active ingredient, mode of action and effect. Besides, you can buy generic Viagra online without prescription, being absolutely confidential and from your home place.

Viagra contains sildenafil citrate – one of the PDE5 inhibitors successfully used worldwide for impotence condition.

Viagra online can be ordered in the dose and strength you need. You can choose the best for you payment method.  And the medication will be delivered on time to your door steps.

Of course, if you have other medical health problems, it is better to consult your doctor before ordering this medication online.

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Viagra dosage and way of application

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